Hot Air Ballooning

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Tourism in Livingston County to find the video for the hottest spot in Livinston County.

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2016 Pictures/Video:

Video courtesy of ACzarnota

2016 Photos- Facebook

Photos from Past Festivals

Friday evening Launch
photo courtesy Marty Sprague

Thursday Evening Balloon Glow
photo courtesy Meachele Manchester

Spectator Provided 2013 Photos

-->photos courtesy of Susan Blackburn
-->photos courtesy of Ted Tedesco
--> photos courtesy - Livingston County News

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2012 Photos

Photo courtesy of Joe Granita email

Thursday Night Balloon Glow

Photo courtesy of Laura Mattatall

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away" Anonymous Author

Photo courtesy of Laura Mattatall

Hare and Hound Competition 2012
The hare balloon shown in the lower left of picture placed a big X on ground. The other balloons had a challenge to fly by and drop a bean bag on the X to see who would come the closest.

2012 Photos

Spectator Photos:

Tom Linton Photos
Brian Martina Photos
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2011 Photos

See spectator captured photos:
Photos courtesy of Tom Lyons, VP Niagara Region Porsche Club of America.
Photos courtesy of Janie L. Ferguson

2010 Photos
courtesy of Brian Martina
courtesy of Tim Hack

Dansville Balloon Festival
photos courtesy of Tim Hack

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