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Here are some cool sites to visit. We will try to keep current, but keep in mind that the owners of these other sites could move or delete them at any time.

Around-the-world balloon flights:
Bertran Piccard(Orbiter) from Europe

Other hot air balloon sites:
John Ninomiya's Cluster Balloons Adventures.
Albuquerque International Balloon Festival
Balloon Dispatch
Balloons Over Letchworth
A Beautiful Balloon Flying in 1. NJ, NYC, Eastern PA, Southern NY area. 2. Lake George/Glens Falls, NY area. 3. Champlain Valley & Ski Areas of Vermont.
Friendship Hot Air Balloon Co. flying in Maryland.
Great Eastern Balloon Association
High Hopes Balloon flown by Greg Livadas.
John Wise Balloon Society of Central Pennsylvania.
Liberty Balloon Co. N.Y.
Lollipop Hot Air Balloons flying in the Philadelphia area.
Phil's Balloons.
Virgin Balloon Flights - Virgin Hot Air Balloon Flights offers the best experience in Hot Air Ballooning in UK.

How Hot Air Balloons Work -
Hot air balloons are about as simple as flying can get -- there is no engine, no moving parts really, and very little the pilot can do to control the vehicle. But the experience of flying in a hot air balloon is amazing! Find out how they work!
Sky Angel -- Learn about the BFA Junior Balloonist program.
Balloon Federation of America
Balloon Life Magazine

See what Keith Sproul at Rutgers has developed for All Balloonists! ARPS

Thanks to Bill Harden for providing this additional information:
The Nova TV network in the USA is following all the round the world attempts with Bill Kurtis- New Explorer Program as commentator. Check their web page here.

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